Alberta Resources

10 Great Birding Blogs Beyond Alberta
  1. 10,000 Birds - different writers on a variety of international topics 
  2. Aimophila Adventures - great pictures and some good ID tips
  3. American Birding Association Blog - Lots of great content on conservation issues as well as a mix of identification and phylogeny issues.
  4. Biological Ramblings 
  5. Birder's Library - A wonderful collection of book reviews.  Even when you can't be birding there are so many great inspirational reads.
  6. BirdTrekkerBC - journal of a West Vancouver based birder
  7. Punctuated Equilibrium - Not just birds and bird book reviews but also an interesting mix of science related commentary.
  8. Redgannet - a UK based birder who has the good fortune to work for an airline and consequently sees a lot of very cool birds (and takes lots of pictures!)
  9. Russell Canning's Blog - In 2010 Russell set a record for most birds seen in BC in one year.  That blog is here.  He is also the son of Dick Cannings who knows a great deal about BC birds and wrote this great book which I recently finished.  Dick also has a website. Wow, that was a lot of links!  Anyway, thanks for all the inspiration guys!
  10. Sibley Guides - Fantastic discussion around, you guessed it, bird identification
  11. Bonus nature related blog - Myrmecos - because ants are also very cool and this guy takes amazing photos of them.