Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Where in the World is Calgary Birder? - Clue #4 (and last!)

I'm heading off on an exciting trip this summer: a family vacation with lots of opportunities to see many new birds, as well as other cool wildlife.  Rather than just telling you where I'm headed, I figured it might be fun to post a few clues in the form of photos of birds that could/should turn up on this trip.

This last clue should tell you exactly in which country we are spending about three-quarters of our trip!  It is common, noisy, and for many people inextricably linked to the nation in question.  Feel free to post your ID's and destination guesses in the comments.

All answers to be provided in one week from today!

All of the images used in this series of posts are from the Internet Bird Collection, links will be posted to the original image and species pages when the big reveal is made.


  1. This one I know, unlike the previous clues - Kookaburra! So Australia.

  2. Laughing Kookaburra from Australia!