Sunday, 11 November 2012

Technology in Birding

Earlier this week, Dan Arndt and I presented to the Nature Calgary Bird Study Group at their monthly meeting.  We spent about 75 minutes trying to illuminate the world of birding software and birding on the internet to a group of about fifty or sixty birders.  Dan did a fantastic sales pitch for eBird, highlighting its value both as a conservation tool and for sharing information about bird sightings.  We spent some time going over digital field guides with our tablets plugged into the projector.  Finally, we spread the word on some Alberta and North American blogs and tried to demonstrate that Facebook can be a force for good!

Anyway, this post is largely for the benefit of those that are Alberta birders and wanted to see the slides that were presented - all of the links in the slides should work.  If you have problems viewing these you can contact me as described under the "About Me" tab above.  Enjoy!

Nature Calgary Bird Study Group Presentation - November 2012

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  1. Thanks for the mention, David! It's very exciting that Alberta Birds FB group is doing so well.