Friday, 19 August 2011

Looking for Warblers at the Bird Sanctuary

I joined a Nature Calgary outing to look for fall migrants at the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary.  After a slow start we eventually found 5 species of warbler: Yellow-rumped, Yellow, Blackpoll, Wilson's and Northern Waterthrush (which is of course, not a thrush).  There were a host of other great birds to be had, as can be seen below (click any image to enlarge)
Immature Great Blue Heron sitting on the rail within a few yards of us! 
Another immature, this one a Baltimore Oriole
Northern Rough-winged Swallow - dozens of them sitting on bushes by the water 
By far the best views I've had of Warbling Vireo - half-decent photos too!
Same vireo again, foraging in the branches
Western Wood Pewee - nice to have an expert guide to help sort out the Flycatchers
The only warbler I managed to photograph.  What species is this....?

...Yellow-rumped!  This is a hatch year bird.

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