Saturday, 16 July 2011

Victoria Songbirds

To wrap up the West Coast vacation posts (previous posts here and here), here are a few shots of birds taken in Victoria and elsewhere on the Saanich Peninsula.  As usual, all photos can be clicked to enlarge.

Violet-green Swallow feeding young at nestbox at the Butchart Gardens
Dark-eyed Junco, "Oregon" variety, also at the Butchart Gardens
A very poor photo, included only because it was a life bird! - A Bewick's Wren in shrubby pathway area in Victoria
In the same general location, another denizen of photography-challenging dark shrubs and leaf litter, one of many Spotted Towhee
The poorly named Pelagic Cormorant at Sidney docks
Female Anna's Hummingbird, one of several fighting over my Aunt and Uncle's feeder

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