Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Winter Birding in Skoki

Jones' Pass, Banff National Park
Just returned from a great Family Day weekend getaway to Skoki Lodge in Banff National Park.  We skied into this amazing backcountry lodge, spent a day touring around, then enjoyed a second night of wonderful food and mountain peacefulness before heading home.  It was incredibly still and quiet, particularly on our day tour, looping around Skoki Mountain.  At the warden cabin at Red Deer Lakes we were met by a friendly (and hungry) Gray Jay.  He took a few morsels of trail mix, disappearing in different directions each time for a few minutes - no doubt replenishing some food caches.  The only other birds seen the entire trip were two lone Common Ravens, cruising just above treetop height, one at Boulder Pass and the other above the lodge.
Skoki Lodge
After skiing out, we met up with my parents and the kids and popped over to Lake Louise to find lunch.  There were three or four Clark's Nutcrackers working the parking lot for scraps, which was a nice addition to the year list (#40).  A great weekend out in the mountains!

Clark's Nutcrackers (photo taken July '09, Jasper N.P.)

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